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Hand Wrap Dispener is designed for stretch wrap on a 1-1/2" to 3" core. Deluxe extra heavy duty steel stretch wrap dispenser works with 15" to 20" high rolls. Unique ball bearing friction adjustments provide smooth unwinding with consistent tension of wrap. Made of steel and hi-impact plastic.

Cast Stretch Wrap

Exceptionally tough and durable, our Cast Stretch Film is an excellent source for successful shipping. This hand application film is noted for its superb load holding strength! Unlike blown stretch film, our Cast Stretch Film delivers a high gloss/clear visual clarity.

Blown Stretch Wrap

Premium quality  Blown stretch wrap film with outstanding tear resistance, superior stretch-ability and excellent cling. Holds shipments together while protecting from dirt, moisture and pilferage. Blown stretch film rolls

packed in carton quantities.

Bundle Wrap

Our Bundling stretch film is great for bundling and wrapping smaller objects and packages or providing easy maneuvering. Each roll of plastic stretch wrap is a high quality cast film that is residue free and will stick to itself without any adhesives. 

Top Sheeting

Our wholesale pallet top covers are ideal for covering pallets, furniture, work stations, and much more. Poly Sheets on Rolls for all your pallet protection needs. Our pallet top covers are perfect for covering your materials on the pallets.

The simplest and most economical type. The sealing bar is manually lowered. Hand sealers are available from 8" to 24" Approximately 6-20 packages can be sealed per minute.